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We welcome you to subscribe to our Instagram account @divinedecadenceoriginals.  Come browse our incredible collection of photos that are guaranteed to inspire!  Look us up on the app or click the following link that will guide you to our Instagram account on your browser; https://www.instagram.com/divinedecadenceoriginals/

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Etsy logo

Divine Decadence Originals is proud to present to you and to be a part of the Etsy community with our shop; DivineDecadenceOrig.

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1950’s Silk Chiffon Vintage Couture Dress


Click here to see if this fabulous red dress is still available!

Divine Decadence Originals has been in business since 1972.  Recently we began our new online venture with the grand opening of DivineDecadenceOrig this past July, 2015. We have twelve items posted to date and two have sold.  We are now dedicating more time to our Etsy shop DivineDecadenceOrig.  We currently offer discount international shipping and for a limited time continue to offer free shipping to North America!  You can expect to see more and more items up for sale online.  Check back often or favorite our shop to receive immediate notifications the second each new item is posted for sale.

We invite you to visit us online by clicking the link below.


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Lady Gaga Shops in Divine Decadence Originals for hours!





1412113988835_wps_18_article_0_1F74CBDC0000057[1]  Lady Gaga graced us with a visit on July 6, 2014.  The store was scheduled to be closed that day but opened for her with one phone call from her assistant.  When Lady Gaga entered the store the owner Carmelita said to her “We have been waiting for you for 43 years!”  Lady gaga raised her arms in the air and exclaimed “and I have been waiting for you my whole life!”.  Lady Gaga spent hours shopping in the store with her mother Cynthia, her sister Natali and her entire entourage.


IMG_8267Carmelita Blondet raves that having Lady Gaga shop in her store was a dream come true and that it is her opinion Lady Gaga is a true lady.  A few hours after shopping at Divine Decadence Originals, Lady Gaga posted ‘I just had the greatest shopping experience of all time,’ Gaga later wrote on Twitter. ‘It was like cardio and drugs but better maybe not healthy but the vintage was.’




Below is a fun video posted on YouTube by one of Gaga’s many followers waiting outside the shop to catch a glimpse of her.


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TIFF 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 3.22.08 PM

Excited to dress Canadian director Anita Doron for her Red Carpet premier this Sunday Sept. 9 at Isabel Bader Theatre at 4:00 pm.

Starring Benjamin Bratt who will be in attendance!


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Zareinu Fashion Show

Photography: George Pimentel

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Zareinu Fashion Show Video

Proceed to timeline 3:45 to view Divine Decadence Originals fashions…

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ThatChannel.com Interview

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Blast from the Past: Divine Decadence Goes to Cuba

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Photos by Floria Sigismondi

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Blast from the Past: ROM

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