“When I saw Divine Decadence it brought me back to the country and culture of Peru, where we have such beautiful, historic, legendary, and meaningful pieces of art all throughout our history,” Blondet recalls. “I stumbled into the purchase of this lovely store, and it conquered my heart completely.”

Blondet purchased the boutique in 1987, and has continued on as its owner, prime salesperson and buyer ever since. And, after a few moves to different locations throughout the city, Divine Decadence Originals eventually arrived in Yorkville. “When I brought (Divine Decadence Originals) to the location we’re at now in Yorkville, I realized it was the absolute best location for it,” Blondet says. “This area is old and traditional. You have people with roots; taste with roots.”

Today, Divine Decadence Originals continues to offer a wide variety of garments from different countries and different time periods within the past 100 years. From a Spanish embroidered-silk cape from 1910, to a cream silk lace dress from 1930, to a Persian lamb and mink coat from 1965; all in mint condition. “When you buy vintage, you really can find a reflection of you, a reflection of your personality,” says Blondet. “It’s unique; as unique as you are.”

And with the demand for vintage couture greater than ever at the dawn of a new century, Blondet holds on to the roots of her past while looking forward to a hopeful future. “We are nothing without culture,” she says. “Culture is the root of who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going next.”  Blondet is the representative in Canada for the National Council of Women of Peru. Her mandate is the promotion of Peruvian culture in Canada. The Council has an ideal representative in Carmelita Blondet.