Kate Moss Back Again!!

Kate Moss 2016Kate Moss graced Divine Decadence Originals with her second visit on May 10th, 2016!  The Supermodel was in town for only one day on business.  She made an appointment to see us one day before she arrived in Toronto.  The next day she came in for two hours shopping for day and evening summer dresses.

When Kate arrived out front, in her limo, we were so excited to see her!  As she made her way up the stairs she cheered ‘hola!’ announcing her arrival to Carmelita.  With the help of her personal assistant she was able to find several dresses that looked incredible on her, obviously..

This was Kate Moss’ second visit to the store but the first time Jens Krum, the manager of Divine Decadence Originals got a chance to meet her.  He stands firm on his claim that Kate is beautiful, down to earth, and “the coolest chick I’ve ever met”.


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